Kelly B. Miller (Brigham Young University, Provo, UT) works on insect taxonomy, phylogenetics and evolution. He does extensive monographic work revising genera and species groups. He also conducts higher-level phylogenetic work using cladistic analyses of morphological and molecular data to improve classifications and examine evolutionary scenarios. Most of his work has been on Coleoptera, especially the family Dytiscidae, but he has recently developed an interest in embiid phylogeny and taxonomy. In this collaboration he is contributing expertise on insect monography, phylogenetic and systematic theory, and data acquisition and analysis (especially DNA sequence data).

Cheryl Hayashi (University of California, Riverside, CA) works on the evolution and molecular genetics of silk, the protein sequences of different forms of silk and the biomechanical testing of the functional properites of silk. Most of her work has been on spider silks, but she has recently become interested in embiids. To this collaboration she is contributing expertise on molecular genetics and evolution, protein analysis, and evolution, biomechanics and functional analysis of silk.

Janice Edgerley-Rooks (Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA) works on embiid behavior and ecology. She currently has colonies of several phylogenetically diverse embiid taxa in culture in her lab where she is able to directly observe various aspects of their life history. She brings to the collaboration expertise in insect behavior and extensive knowledge of embiid silk spinning, colony construction and behavior.

Claudia Szumik (CONICET – Instituto Superior de Entomologia ‘Dr Abraham Willink’, Tucuman, Argentina) works on embiid systematics using morphology. She has examined specimens from most of the major lineages of embiids and coded an extensive number of characters, many of which were previously unknown. She brings to the collaboration considerable knowledge of embiid higher- and lower-level taxonomy and morphology and systematic theory, character coding and analytical methods.